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People think about autism as something with kids. Well, those kids grow up.” — Jason Katims

Recognizing the significant shortage of homes where adults with autism can live, we have banded together to fulfill that need on Long Island. We are committed to providing supportive living communities and housing on Long Island for adults with autism. Even in its earliest stages, Long Island Autism Communities is receiving overwhelming support. Many families, businesses, professionals and community leaders  across Long Island are offering to help us achieve our mission. Our initial goal is to develop our first community for adults with autism on or before 2018. We have our first accepted offer on a property in the beautiful Village of Patchogue. Be sure to check back often for news on our rapid progress in regard to acquisition and construction of this property.

With tremendous support from The Village of Patchogue, we intend to purchase additional properties within the Village, and develop a variety of residential models including deatched homes that will provide residential opportunities for 4-6 adults with autism and multi-use Townhomes, providing vocational and volunteer opportunities for many more of our adults, as well as a place to call home.

Our initial goal is to develop our first community for adults with autism on or before 2018.

Vital to our success will be the direct integration of our adults with autism into the local community. Through our supportive living communities, we intend to help adults with autism on Long Island access full living resources, going beyond just housing for adults with autism. For that reason, we’ve selected Patchogue as our first site for development, within walking distance of its vibrant downtown, with convenient access to hospitals and healthcare providers, potential employers, religious services, supermarkets, drugstores, restaurants, other retailers and service providers, and cultural and recreational facilities. It is our goal that those living in our communities on Long Island be fully-assimilated into their surrounding community as contributing members, able to access local resources.


 “It is our goal that the adults with autism living in our communities be fully-assimilated into their surrounding community…”

Our homes on Long Island will be designed to be sensitive to the needs of individuals with autism; supportive places where adults with autism can live independently. That is, our Long Island homes for adults with autism will take into account the fact that many people with autism are overly sensitive to certain outside stimuli; whether visual stimuli such as excessive light, certain sounds or odors. Therefore, the homes will be customized to the individualized needs of the specific adults with autism who will be living there. There will be no look or feel of an institution. These will be true homes in every sense of the word with warm and inviting decors, regular kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. The only exception will be that our communities for adults will be built and designed in accordance with recommended housing design concepts for individuals with autism presented through reputable research findings.


“There will be no look or feel of an institution. These will be true homes in every sense of the word…”

Person-centered planning will be supported in the Long Island Autism Communities for all of our adults. Their preferences with respect to the kind of job they might want, the recreational activities they enjoy, and where they may want to volunteer in the community will be accommodated. We want each member of our communities to feel accepted and loved.


“I think tolerance and acceptance and love is something that feeds every community.” — Lady Gaga.

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